25 January 2012 @ 06:30 am
2010, 2011, moving on.  
Since 2008 or 2009, I've always made huge year-ender posts. Somehow I managed to skip 2010 & 2011's. Two words: Attention Span Deficiency. ...three.

Also, my previous backtrack posts usually had personal pictures but I guess I'm just really lazy to do those now? IDK I've been too slow with everything. Have a few memes instead! (It took me long enough to just collect these pics, wtf self)

Year in review: First sentence (or two) of the first entry of every month

2010 )

2011 )

lol omg gross, 2011 had too much okamoto. :/ no wonder my year was a mess.

FANDOM AWARDS 2011!!! Meme from [ profile] manatsubi



This will be my last entry for this journal, or one of the last ones,idk. :) I'm moving most of my future entries to chinen @ dw after this. It kinds of make me sad, leaving LJ that literally has records of my teenage years. All my angst and woes and mindless happiness are archived in lj. I'd love to continue using it buuut. I'm moving.

I've contemplated on defriending EVERYONE from this journal. In the end I decided against it.

IDK how the setup should be though. For now, if you guys have DW, just add me if you still want to be friends.