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the least i can do

Filipinos now need all the help they can get, especially those hit hardest by rampaging tropical storm Ondoy (international code name Ketsana). The storm made landfall yesterday in Luzon, bringing endless rains and spawning huge floods in Metro Manila and many parts of Luzon.



Donate through PayPal.

Donate directly to the Red Cross.

心 And most importantly, we need everyone's PRAYERS.

Spread the word? Repost or link to this post. If I have to add anything else here please tell me. Thanks.

I'll try to go home now. It's raining again.

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ingat pag-uwi =)

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Thanks. I might take a cab na ;;

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Kori-chan, repost ka din sa mga blogs mo ah. Thanks.

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Okay :)

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I'll just link this :Dv

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take care! update us and asdfghj we're just a text away if you need help

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lol my cellphone won't work. I was just borrowing from Yubi so.. but I'll try to contact you guys when I can k?

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TAKE CAAAARRREEEEE /gives you yamada-floaters!

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........not that

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Ingat :D
Grabe binaha din kme.

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reposting it..n,n

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I`ll be linking this. :)

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I'll be linking to this post in my journal. Thank you for posting this!