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magic少女。 ([personal profile] boukenrider) wrote2009-06-14 12:06 am


Seriously. You. I am at lost for words.

Just leave me and my friends alone, will you?

I'd ask you to face us with your head up high but. idk. I don't think I even want to get anywhere near you. :/

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... :(


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klsdflk This is being pulled out for too long :/
Kento's nose doesn't approve

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It's ridiculous. TOO LONG AND TOO FAR. I thought it was over but nooooo someone's have to pwn someone in an unrelated area.
Sanada's big hands doesn't approve either.

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Bleh. People need to get a life :/

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lol grammar fail sachi.
...maybe I'm their life. or something.

[identity profile] 2009-06-13 05:02 pm (UTC)(link) not want.

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LOL and they acted soooooo tough, saying we better be ready blah-blah-blah. Can't even approach us for a confrontation. How pathetic. :|